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 H2O's Kalmar II Mokume Gane

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PostSubject: H2O's Kalmar II Mokume Gane   Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:15 pm

Have you guys had a look at this latest watch from H2O called the Kalmar II Mokume Gane?

The watch uses the legendary process of Mokume Gane which is what was evidently used by Japanese
Sword makers to create sword blades. It's a mixed-metal method, and gives the steel a 'wood grain' look.
The new watch even has 6,000 meter water resistance everyone to go along with it's amazing bezels, and
MOP dials. Not to mention some really nice markers, hands, straps, and movements.

A few pics everybody...

Link to Oceanictime for you as well...

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H2O's Kalmar II Mokume Gane
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