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 History of Bulova Through Ten Milestone Watches article

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PostSubject: History of Bulova Through Ten Milestone Watches article   Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:25 pm

Found this really cool Bulova article called "The History of Bulova Through Ten Milestone Bulova
Watches" guys. Thought that you might enjoy it. They mention a lot of the firsts that Bulova was
known for like standardization of watch parts, the very first full line of women's watches, and even
the first watch related radio commercial.

Then the focus turns to historic Bulova watches like the Lone Eagle, a watch that celebrated Charles
Lindbergh, and his flight across the Atlantic, the WWII military watch named the "Hack" Watch, Bulova
23 Series with their 23 jewel movements, "unbreakable" mainsprings, shock, and waterproof cases.
Along with the World's first fully electronic watch in the Bulova Accutron, Accutron's "Astronaut" Watch,
Special Edition Moon Watch, Bulova Chronograph "C" (Stars and Stripes), Computron LED, Bulova
Precionist models, and new Bulova Curv.

WatchTime with the article. Hope you enjoy...


A few pictures also for you...

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History of Bulova Through Ten Milestone Watches article
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