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 What has Yema been up to?

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PostSubject: What has Yema been up to?   Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:07 pm

Guys, was just thinking about Yema watches. You know they made some amazing watches
years ago, but was wondering what they were up to today. Looks like they have been busy
by the looks of it with a fleet of cool new watches, and reissues.

There are watches with classic names like the Superman, Spacegraf, and Rallygraf. With
40mm cases, 300m WR, and dials in blue, black, white, and silver for the Superman, and
Spacegraf. Along with Ronda 515, 517, and 515.24 quartz movements, and even another
automatic called the Maison Ambre MPB1000 for the Superman. Looks like you even have
stainless steel bracelet, and cool leather strap, and NATO options also.

The Rallygraf gets a larger case at 42mm with 100M WR, as well as tachymeter bezel, and
cool dials in beige, blue, black, and white, along with leather rally, or perforated straps,
Miyota OS21, and more.

Just a few of the many models, and versions...

Yema watches with much more for you also...


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What has Yema been up to?
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