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 WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001

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WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 Empty
PostSubject: WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001   WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2018 10:29 am

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 D8EDCE7B-7611-4E3F-89DE-BBA514F1A5A1_zpsg5u75nwb

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 IMG_6982_zpssfxajgey

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 098D283C-59ED-44E6-A29F-D0DD0C7EEF52_zpsz8g9bh00

Later, Gary

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 Doggytongue

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PostSubject: Re: WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001   WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2018 12:35 pm

Outstanding choice for today there Gary !  WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 803574  WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 803574 Very nice sir !!!

Love how this one really pays tribute to all of the great past aviation, or pilot's watches with all of the
different markings, numbers, hands, and even accents. At the same time, executes everything in a totally
new way from it's dial, to the finish ! ..Truly feels like the next step, or level in pilot's watches. Terrific G !!!  WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 46145

Staying in Seiko SKX mode here. ..Never will forget.

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 UuoXB8l

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 YbZUVdt

WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001 NewSigcopy
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WRUW Tuesday 9/11/2001
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