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 Bulova Precisionist -- Pretty cool HEQ!!

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Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! Empty
PostSubject: Bulova Precisionist -- Pretty cool HEQ!!   Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 11:00 pm

According to what I have read, this high end quartz is claimed to have an accuracy of +/- 10 secs a year and a SMOOTH SWEEPING HAND!!!

I found this information and photos at http://www.bestofwatch.com/?p=3

a. Precisionist family at launch :
Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! 4458037844_956c4295bb_o
b. Close up 1
Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! 4458037940_465d482eac_o
b2. Close up 2
Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! 4459046174_f8942b4203_o
c. Champlain Titanium (46.5mm/14.4mm – 96B131)
Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! 4458039046_001f86f883_o
d. Diamond studded Tanglewood model (32mm/9.2mm – 98R141)
Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! 4457260485_0f97cfc91e_o

a. There are two Precisionist movements at this time : P102.12 (12.5 ligne) for men’s watches and the P112.10 (10 ligne) for women’s watches. No chronographs at launch but they said they were working on the next generation that would include multi-function models.

b. As seen in the video above the “sweeping” is quite “smooth” so I was surprised to find it only moves 16 times per second, i.e. 16hz, not that much more than the 10hz of a 36000bph movement. They said they felt it was a good compromise between achieving smoothness and battery life. About battery life, it’s rated at a decent 3 years.

c. Apparently the Precisionist came about after Citizen bought Bulova in 2008 from Lowes who had owned the company since 1979 and Bulova became a subsidiary of Citizen Japan not of Citizen USA. The idea was to bring some innovation back to Bulova using their history with accuracy and the tuning fork’s breakthrough in the early 60s. The Precisionist was specced out in the US with high accuracy in mind and a sweeping seconds hand and the engineering part was done by Citizen in Japan. I asked if they were using an existing design but apparently not and there are no plans to use that movement in Citizen watches. Citizen focuses on Ecodrive watches and that doesn’t fit in well with high frequency quartz.

d. Quartz frequency is 262144Hz (versus 32768 Hz on a standard quartz, i.e. 8x more here) and there is no thermal compensation. When I mentioned that the 196khz Seiko in the 8Fxx caliber didn’t have the stability of thermocompensated watches like the Breitling Superquartz (ETA Thermoline) or Citizen Exceed (E510), they said that frequency wasn’t everything and seem to be confident that the “third prong that creates a torsional resonator” helped a lot with stability…That’s what their testing tells them, so I guess we’ll have to do ours Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! Icon_wink

e. I asked about the presence of a “trimmer” but apparently there will be no way to perform adjustments directly on the watch. If a watch is out of specs it will have to be sent back.

f. The Mens models are rather large, with the Champlain Titanium 96B131 clocking in at 46.5mm (14.4mm thickness) but the 96B128 from the Claremont collection (bottom right of close up 1) is a more reasonable 44mm (12.2mm thickness) and the 96B130 Longwood (left in close up 2) is 43.5mm (11.6mm thickness)

g. Availability is set for September in the US and the pricing will range for from $299 to $1000 (for the model with diamonds) so that seems pretty reasonable given the features on offer.

Bulova Precisionist  -- Pretty cool HEQ!! Fullsize1