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 DOXA in Asia

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PostSubject: DOXA in Asia   DOXA in Asia Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 6:21 pm

I don't know a lot about the brand but would like to get a Sub

By TLex The unrecognizable face of DOXA in Asia! DOXA Watches have had presence in Asia since 2009, now. From what I know this is predominantly in mainland China and its surrounding areas. The range of 'DOXA Watches in Asia' is a pretty unfamiliar sight, you'll find none of the traditional SUB models that have such a strong following, particularly in the online dive watch community.

Instead DOXA takes a leaf out of Invicta's book of unoriginality and rips-off Rolex's Daytona with the Doxa 'Racerman' and the Datejust with the Doxa 'Noble', does Cartier badly with the Doxa 'Calex' and offers a sprinkling of unremarkable fashion / dress watches, which includes a 100m Zodiac type diver, thoughtfully named 'Aquaman'! Wait! Sorry there is one SUB model, I forgot! The Sub 200 with diamond indexes! Doxa purists are advice to browse the 'Doxa in Asia' site with extreme caution, and preferably with a vomit bag at the ready.

So what do we have here? Well it looks like it wasn't all bad news; the collection's saving grace, a 200m rated diver with a ceramic bezel, called the 'Shark Ceramica'


DOXA in Asia DOXA+Shark+Ceramica+01

DOXA in Asia DOXA+Shark+Ceramica+02

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PostSubject: Re: DOXA in Asia   DOXA in Asia Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 7:42 pm


These look NOTHING like the DOXAs I am familiar with... scratch

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PostSubject: Re: DOXA in Asia   DOXA in Asia Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 10:03 pm

These are VERY different, that is for sure ! Really didn't even know
Doxa made these other models ! ..I guess Doxa has decided to add
some different looks to their line-up. The Shark Caramicas are actually
pretty nice imho, but it's always hard to top the originals. The Sub
models are uniquely cool, and hard to beat ! ..Thanks for the link
Ron ! DOXA in Asia 803574 ..Definitely is very interesting to see these !!!

Here is another one which actually has that Zodiac feel like TLex
points out ! cheers ..

DOXA in Asia 20100720141224_image_0


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PostSubject: Re: DOXA in Asia   DOXA in Asia Icon_minitime

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DOXA in Asia
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