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 Benarus Bronze Moray

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PostSubject: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 9:39 pm

My Bronze Moray finally arrived today after approximately a 5 1/2 month wait. It is my first of the brand. The bronze models caught my eye at 3T and when Benarus opened up reservations for a second run of them, I jumped on board. I was interested in trying out the CuSn8 case, which slowly develops a vintage patina with regular use. This case material is being used in the newly released Panerai Luminor Sub, which goes for substantially more $.

Watch Specs:
Movement: ETA 2824-2
Water Resistance: 1,000 meters
Case: bronze alloy CuSn8
Hands: brass
Crystal: double domed sapphire, 3.5mm thick, 35mm wide
Width: 44mm
Lume: C3 Superluminova
Height: 16mm
Titanium crown and case back

Buying experience: Steve (part owner of Benarus) was very quick to respond to emails. The transaction went smoothly. He kept everyone up to date on progress either via email, 3T, or FB. I chose the most "sterile" option possible, with a dart marker dial and bland bezel. I never had a red dial watch, so I went with that dial option. I chose the bead blasted finish on the case (brushed available) and the base 2824 (an upgraded 2824 can be had with a sapphire display back at more cost, and loss of depth rating).

The watch arrived in a classy canvas case. Included are a band changing screw driver, and a thick 24mm black leather strap with Benarus embossed keeper. Comes on a black Isofrane with a brushed signed buckle.
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480

"Sun brushed" red. A lot of orange in the red. I like the brass hands on it. Lume is good (sorry, no lume pics, I have only remedial photography skills).
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480

Well finished. Smooth matte appearance. Titanium screw down crown and valve. The watch feels heavier than a full titanium case, but lighter than stainless. Lumed dot on the bezel. Bezel moves with firm, definitive clicks (I didn't count how many, that seems stupid). Crown is good sized, screw down, and easy to wind and set.
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480

Interesting Benarus design and basic info.
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480

On the 7 inch wrist:
Benarus Bronze Moray Ry%3D480

-reasonable value for the bronze case when compared to Panerai (there are some other boutique brands with this case, but I don't know their price points).
-Strap option included, plus standard sizes so customization possible
-Very customizable ordering options
-Good communication from Benarus

-This is my first experience with an Isofrane strap, and although it is very soft, it is large for my 7 inch wrist, and to make it snug, I'm left with a big tail.
-The red dial is too orange, more of a blood red or burgundy would have been more appropriate for the overall look. I am let down by the color, but mrsneddles gave it a thumbs up, for what that is worth.
-The contrast with the case/dial and the black straps is a bit jarring. I think a medium brown or ox-blood strap will help.

Overall I am pleased but not gushing. I am on the hunt for different strap options to make the color scheme more cohesive. Will be interesting to see how the case ages.

Thanks for looking!
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PostSubject: Re: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 9:49 pm

Congrats on your new benarus, they make a quality watch and i have owned a couple. I like the bronze case, but im not fond of the dial color. I have to agree wiyh you on the strap color as well, I think once you find the right strap you will like it a lot better. Steve
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PostSubject: Re: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 10:22 pm

Whoa Mrneddles, this Benarus is STUNNING ! cyclops Very Happy Can't get over the level that these
watches are reaching today. You can just tell that watch companies are going that
extra mile for people. When seeing this for the first time today in the Watch-U-Wearing
section it was immediately unforgettable. The shape of the case alone is sensational
with it's classic style, but modern bronze finish, and the red dial sends it into the
stratosphere in my opinion. THIS is one to enjoy ! Congrats to you Mrneddles !!!
Have to say once gain, that it's something to see just how NICE this watch IS.
Think it kind of shows that with each new watch model, and with each passing
year, watch companies are really pushing the limits. Especially for the price when
you stop, and think about it. Just like you pointed out with this case material being
the same as what Panerai is using on the Luminor Sub, or just the all around look,
and quality that this watch has. It's easy to see that this Benarus is a TERRIFIC
example, or just how TERRIFIC today's watches are becoming. They compete
with, and compare with some of the highest quality watches out there, and THAT
is pretty remarkable imho. Benarus Bronze Moray 46145 Also remarkable is the fact that this already
unforgettable bronze case will be changing over time. That right there, is something
special alone, and will be cool to see over the years I would imagine. Not only is
the bronze color REALLY unique to see with watches, but you can then expect to
have a new finish transforming as time goes by. Yowza ! Smile Add to that once again
that the shape of the case is so stunning from ALL angles, and you have all of the
makings of a centerpiece for a watch collection. Whether it's from the sides, above,
or right on the wrist, this watch STUNS ! ..The dial plays a BIG part in making this
Benarus SO NICE too. You did a phenomenal job picking out the simple, yet once
again remarkable layout, and the color is out of this world ALSO. Actually think
the color is the Co-MVP of the watch. I mean it's such a different kind of red, and
the way it reflects light, and seems to change at times is unbelievable. Has to be
even better in person I would imagine. In addition, the combination of the red, WITH
the bronze color of the case is epic. If it was red, with a silver, stainless steel case,
that would have been great. However, this is something totally different here, and
once again an unforgettable part of the watch Mrneddles. That has to be one of the
themes with your new Benarus. It's unforgettable no matter where you look ! cyclops
The case, dial, ..even those stealthy, thin, smooth, and just plain cool markers go
above, and beyond what we would expect. It's OUTSTANDING ! Really enjoying
the masterpiece that is the case-back as well. That design, along with the bead-
blasted silver contrasting with the bronze is fantastic there. As is the strap, case,
EVERYTHING ! Congratulations Mrneddles ! I know you're going to enjoy this one !

Unforgettable watch, unforgettable PICS !

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PostSubject: Re: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2011 8:21 am

Yeah, like you said, strap don't work...

Numberless bezel on a dive watch looks a bit odd...

UGH...sorry I can't say anything more positive Sad

Benarus Bronze Moray ANOMALYSIG2A-1
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PostSubject: Re: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitimeFri Sep 30, 2011 2:26 am

I love the case type! I'll have a Morey someday, probably not a bronze though.

Congrats and nice review.
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PostSubject: Re: Benarus Bronze Moray   Benarus Bronze Moray Icon_minitime

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Benarus Bronze Moray
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