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 Chronometers and Crossbones

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PostSubject: Chronometers and Crossbones   Chronometers and Crossbones Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 2:08 pm

Not sure if anyone has been watching the show Crossbones recently. The show is about pirates,
as well as the pirate Blackbeard played by John Malkovich. ..What's cool about the show is that
one of the main story lines in the show is how everyone, and every country is after a chronometer
that will help those who find it navigate, and control the seas. Blackbeard even surrounds himself
with all kinds of clocks it seems. Just thought it was cool how the story actually had to do with
something like this.  Smile 

Have any of you guys seen the show? Isn't it cool how a chronometer, along with clocks are so
important in it ?

Chronometers and Crossbones NewSigcopy
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Chronometers and Crossbones
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