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 Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97

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PostSubject: Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97   Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 1:53 am

The new Seiko Recraft Series has a bunch of different styles and types of watches. They have 3 series - Power, Light and Motion (Automatic, Solar and Kinetic) and the term Recraft means (according to Seiko) Forgetting the past and the present to progress to the future. Check out the web page for the series for more info:

Anyway I saw this watch the other day and fell in love with it. Specs are:

44mm, 11.4mm thick, mineral glass, 7S26 automatic, display back, day/date, 50Mwr, no lume.....not very exciting but it's still a cool watch. I got this for $160 at amazon.

Here are the photos:

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2260_zps1f3daf76

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2258_zps00c80f91

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2265_zps2c668141

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2266a_zps7f87232e

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2268_zps02766e52

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2270_zps23ff7a99

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2271_zps44799957

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2272a_zpse60473ab

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 SAM_2274a_zps11cac301

Later, Gary

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 Doggytongue

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PostSubject: Re: Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97   Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 3:04 am

Think this one's VERY exciting actually Gary ! Surprised On top of that, can you imagine another watch
company big, or small making this watch for such a great price? Honestly can't think of one ! Smile
Even a company like Zodiac with watches like the new vintage looking Sea Dragon are up there
around $1000. So this is pretty exceptional in more ways than one.

Have to also say you just might have gotten the nicest model out of all of the models in the Recraft
series. cyclops The case-shape, and especially dial are epic to tell the truth. Thanks for the info about them,
as well as link, and HUGE congrats here by the way !!!

Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97 NewSigcopy
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Seiko Recraft Series SNKM97
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