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 What will 2015 bring for you...

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What will 2015 bring for you... Empty
PostSubject: What will 2015 bring for you...   What will 2015 bring for you... Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2015 9:52 pm

watch wise? Smile

..O.K. 2015 is just about a week old everybody, but maybe you have an idea, or ideas about watches for 2015
for you. Do you have anything on the watch radar? Are you looking to add a certain type of watch? Or maybe
add a watch from a brand you've never tried? Maybe you're just going to enjoy your watches, and wait to see
if something catches your eye, and be spontaneous. So what do you think 2015 will bring for you watch wise?

What will 2015 bring for you... NewSigcopy
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What will 2015 bring for you...
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