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 Navigating with Rolex

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PostSubject: Navigating with Rolex   Navigating with Rolex Icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2015 3:35 pm

Did you happen to read this amazing article at Wound for Life guys?

It involves navigating the ocean with a Rolex, and sextant after steamship SS City of Cairo was sunk during WWII in 1942. The ship left Bombay on it's way to South Africa, Brasil, and the UK with it's crewmen, civilians, military equipment, and around 100 tons of silver. When it was hit by torpedoes from the U-68 of Kapitan Karl-Friedrich Merten. As it was going down, the surviving crew, and passengers got into lifeboats, but they were still thousands of miles from Brasil, and Africa. The South Atlantic island of St. Helena was only 500 miles away though. So that would be the course set by Captain Rogerson.

Six lifeboats would set out with compasses, but only one had a sextant. The other device needed would be Captain Rogerson's Rolex Oyster.

Here is the article for you...

Navigating with Rolex SS-City-of-Cairo.jpg?zoom=1

Navigating with Rolex Rogerson-city-of-cairo.jpg?zoom=1

Navigating with Rolex Rolex-3131.jpg?zoom=1

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Navigating with Rolex
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