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 Benrus Type I and II History

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Benrus Type I and II History Empty
PostSubject: Benrus Type I and II History   Benrus Type I and II History Icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 3:05 pm

Did you catch this today everyone?

It's a cool history, or in this case, 'wristory' lesson on the Benrus Type I, and II. You guys may already know
a lot about these watches, but just in case Wound for Life does a great job of teaching you everything you
need to know about these classics. From how the US military asked Benrus to design the watches just for
covert operations like the Navy Seals, Green Berets, and CIA agents during the Vietnam War. To how far
ahead of their time they were with their 1200 foot water resistance, bead blasted one piece cases, modified
ETA 2620 movements, and more. Plus you learn what separated the different variations from eachother.

Enjoy everyone...

A Picture for you guys...

Benrus Type I and II History Benrus2.jpg?zoom=1

Benrus Type I and II History NewSigcopy
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Benrus Type I and II History
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