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 Radium history with watches

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PostSubject: Radium history with watches   Radium history with watches Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 6:20 pm

You've probably heard of radioactive Radium being used years ago with watch lume right everyone?
Just seeing this short article about it over at Wound for Life. It mentions how having luminescence
on different tool watches years ago was an important achievement, but how dangerous radium was
to the people, especially women who applied it to the dials of watches. Luckily we have different
safe materials like Super-Luminova today, and even Tritium, but it all started with Radium many
years ago.

Have the link to Wound for Life right here for you...

A Blanpain Fifty Fathoms with Radium on it's dial...

Radium history with watches Radium-Dial-FF.jpg?zoom=1

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Radium history with watches
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