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 History of the Heuer Calculator

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History of the Heuer Calculator Empty
PostSubject: History of the Heuer Calculator   History of the Heuer Calculator Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2015 1:34 pm

Saw this great article with all kinds of information, and history about Heuer's Calculator today.
Not sure if you have seen it already, or not. The article talks about how funky the watches were,
and how other watch brands like Omega, and Breitling were making their eye-catching chronographs
too at the time. The Heuer Calculator evidently still managed to stand out with it's supercharged
45mm Autavia-like case, orange hands, and two-register sub-dials. Along with different movements
like the caliber 15, 11, and Valjoux 7740. Not to mention a slide rule bezel that was split in two so it
could rotate separately, and to a correct position.

Wound for life you guys...

A couple of pictures for you...

History of the Heuer Calculator Vintage-heuer-catalog.jpg?zoom=1

History of the Heuer Calculator Heuer-calculator-e1433935645802.jpg?zoom=1

History of the Heuer Calculator NewSigcopy
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History of the Heuer Calculator
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