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 History of German Watchmaking (part 2)

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History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Empty
PostSubject: History of German Watchmaking (part 2)   History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2015 2:01 pm

Hey everyone, somehow missed part 2 of the German Watchmaking History series over at Wound for Life.
It continues the look at watchmaking in Pforzheim from part 1, and how different companies like Laco, and
Stowa were able to survive, and flourish do to the Marshal Plan. With everything from new thin movements,
automatics, and electric watches from Laco that would interest Timex. To Stowa's creation of new watches
like their Seatime, and building of electronic alarm mechanical watches to combat the quartz crisis. There's
so much to learn.

Hope everyone enjoys...

Some pictures also for you...

History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Laco-electric.jpg?zoom=1

History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Laco-flieger-feature.jpg?zoom=1

History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Vintage-stowa-seatime.jpg?zoom=1

History of German Watchmaking (part 2) Modern-stowa-seatime.jpg?zoom=1

History of German Watchmaking (part 2) NewSigcopy
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History of German Watchmaking (part 2)
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