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 Some history about Nivada Grenchen

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Some history about Nivada Grenchen Empty
PostSubject: Some history about Nivada Grenchen   Some history about Nivada Grenchen Icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2015 1:51 pm

Anyone feel like learning a little more about Nivada? Or Nivada Grenchen?  Smile

Wound for Life has another segment of their Lessons in Wristory today that focuses on them.

Nivada actually was an innovator, and leader in different technological watch advancements in the 1940's,
and 1950's, and was one of the very first to build something called automatic bumper watches where the
rotor actually bumps off of springs rather than making full revolutions. The company was even involved
with Operation Deep Freeze I to the Antarctic, and had some of it's three hand chronometers issued by the
US Navy to Task Force 43.

Besides this Antarctic series, they had the Chronomaster with it's Valjoux 92, and various dial set-ups, and
hand sets like the broad arrows of the 60's. They even had a connection to Croton, who's watches often
have the Nivada style to them. While different legal issues with Movado over their name sounding like Movado
caused the brand to later add 'Grenchen", their actual Swiss home town to the brands name. Interesting right?!

Have Wound for Life with this, and much more everyone...

..and a couple of pictures...

Some history about Nivada Grenchen Nivada-chronomaster-ebay.jpg?zoom=1

Some history about Nivada Grenchen Nivada-chronomaster.jpg?zoom=1

Some history about Nivada Grenchen Nivada-antarctic-ad.jpg?zoom=1

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Some history about Nivada Grenchen
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