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 A look back at Smith watches

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A look back at Smith watches Empty
PostSubject: A look back at Smith watches   A look back at Smith watches Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2015 3:30 pm

Here is a neat article on Smith watches everyone. Have often seen them, but really didn't know a ton
about them. How about you?

Smith's was a UK based company named after Samuel Smith, who opened doors back in 1851 with a
focus on clocks, and instruments. Then moved into the automobile industry with his family to produce
speedometers, and various other automobile parts.

Later you find out how the company helped in WWI, and WWII with aircraft instuments, and more. As
well as how Smith's supplied around 50% of all the clocks in the UK. The brand even made it to the
summit of Mt. Evererest with Sir Edmund Hillary's Smith De Luxe watch. It wasn't until many years
later that Smith's slowed in making watches due to the times, as well as introduction of quartz watches,
but the company left it's mark. Both in it's history, but the watches you can evidently still find of forums,
ebay, and also Timefactors.

Here's the article...

Some cool pictures too everyone...

A look back at Smith watches S-smith-pocket-watch.jpg?zoom=1

A look back at Smith watches S-smith-speedometer.jpg?zoom=1

A look back at Smith watches Sir-hillary-de-luxe-ad.jpg?zoom=1

A look back at Smith watches Smiths-de-luxe-smithswatches.jpg?zoom=1

A look back at Smith watches Myron-smiths-edited-1.jpg?zoom=1

A look back at Smith watches NewSigcopy
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A look back at Smith watches
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