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 Super sleek Seiko from a friend

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Super sleek Seiko from a friend Empty
PostSubject: Super sleek Seiko from a friend   Super sleek Seiko from a friend Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2016 8:10 pm

Hey guys, wanted to post about this new arrival I received just the other day, and an example of the awesome people within our hobby, and on these forums.  Super sleek Seiko from a friend 46145

Recently got a PM from Carlo saying that he had a watch that he had received as a gift, and that it was really nice, but that he didn't think he would wear it. So instead of selling it he wanted to know if he could send it my way. I asked him if there was anyone he knew he could maybe give it to, but he said he already gives things to people, and would prefer to gift me the watch. He said he honestly enjoys giving, rather than receiving. So cool right?  

As usual, I was blown away by the kindness of a DWC member. Not surprised though. We have all seen the many incredibly nice gestures over the years, from so many of the members at DWC, and I'm sure many of the forums you guys are part of.. ..Carlo embodies the spirit of DWC, and the watch forum world too I think to tell the truth. A spirit of exceptional character, kindness, and definitely coolness !  Smile  

Carlo, thank YOU once again !!! You rock ! This watch is just beyond cool !! Much like yourself, DWC, and watch forum members around the world.  Very Happy

Just a few pictures of Carlo's super sleek Seiko. You wouldn't believe how the sunray brown dial transforms, and changes with the light. There's amber, and even orange that comes out of this beauty. The sharp, streamlined markers, and hands are terrific also. ..Even the bracelet melts around your wrist !

The dial outside is hypnotic...

Super sleek Seiko from a friend IMG_3041_zps1dgcglsb

Inside it's pretty fantastic too... cheers

Super sleek Seiko from a friend IMG_3051_zpsjvfoeqmc

Super sleek Seiko from a friend IMG_3049_zpsbimhl0jg

Incredibly comfortable bracelet...

Super sleek Seiko from a friend IMG_3071_zpsyox3pkaz

Cool case back...

Super sleek Seiko from a friend IMG_3067_zps08syzrds

Thanks for looking guys, and thanks again Carlo !!! Super sleek Seiko from a friend 933578

Super sleek Seiko from a friend NewSigcopy
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Super sleek Seiko from a friend
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