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 Different ways to display time article

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PostSubject: Different ways to display time article   Different ways to display time article Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2016 2:47 pm

Have you guys ever thought about just how many different ways there are to tell the time?

How many ways there are without using hands? Or hour hands?

Just seeing this really neat article at Monochrome watches called A Technical Perspective - Beyond the
hour hand, other ways to display the time. In it we get a look at all the different cool ways of telling time.
From jumping, and wandering hours, to the use of reels, belts, and chains. Can't forget magnetic time,
fluidic time, and jumping indexes. Or time reconstructed, where evidently gears allow rotating plates, and
satellites with numbers on them to actually separate, and re-assemble to show the time.

Pretty amazing right?!

Hope you enjoy...

Different ways to display time article NewSigcopy
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Different ways to display time article
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