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 Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article

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Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article Empty
PostSubject: Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article   Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2016 8:52 pm

Just seeing this survey that was done in Switzerland about the appeal of watches to young
people, and what they use to tell time most. Not sure if everyone had a chance to see it.

Basically looks as though smartphones came in first at 98%, with clocks taking second at
72%, and then wristwatches third with 61%. Smartwatches, along with wristbands took
sixth, and seventh place with just under 10%.

So wristwatches are still used somewhat to tell time at least in Switzerland.  Smile

Will be fun to see how these numbers change over time, or how the numbers might differ
here in the U.S.

Have the article right here...

Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article NewSigcopy
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Traditional watches vs. Smartwatches article
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