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 Cool Skin Diver article

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PostSubject: Cool Skin Diver article   Cool Skin Diver article Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 3:12 pm

Saw this nice article at Worn & Wound also today guys. Did you already see it?

In the article they talk about three different types of dive watches in the larger
professional divers like Doxa Subs, and Omega Ploprofs. The "traditional diver's"
like Rolex's Submariner, Omega's Seamaster, and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Then
the third type, known as the Skin Divers, or Skindivers, which are smaller, slimmer,
and dressier divers.

The real focus is on Skin Divers, as you learn about their beginnings back in the 50's,
and learn about models from brands like Squale, Monnin, Heuer, Darwil, Jungfrau, and
more. Not to mention new variations from brands like Oris with their new Oris Divers
Sixty-Five, Zodiac with their Zodiac Seawolf 53, and Halios, with the new Seaforth.

Have the article right here guys...

Just a few pictures also...

Cool Skin Diver article SQUALE1

Cool Skin Diver article Nicolet-Skin-Diver

Cool Skin Diver article Vintage-Skin-Diver-Ad-1

Cool Skin Diver article Heuer-Monnin-844

Cool Skin Diver article ORIS_DIVERS65_TOPPER_LE_DIAL_8

Cool Skin Diver article NewSigcopy
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Cool Skin Diver article
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