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 Solar Eclipse 2017

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PostSubject: Solar Eclipse 2017   Solar Eclipse 2017 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 14, 2017 1:14 pm

Guys, did you know there was an eclipse happening a week from now on
August 21, 2017?

Looks like some of North America will experience the eclipse in some form,
or another. With many right in the path of a total eclipse, or partial eclipse.

Evidently, the eclipse will span from Lincloln Beach, Oregon, all the way to
Charleston South Carolina, and is the first total solar eclipse since 1979.

Have the article, along with a few pictures giving more information on where,
and when the eclipse will take place, and how long it may last in your area...

Solar Eclipse 2017 Globe_inset_v3

Solar Eclipse 2017 Usa_eclipse_map_print

Solar Eclipse 2017 Table%201

Solar Eclipse 2017 NewSigcopy
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Solar Eclipse 2017
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