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 WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019

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WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Empty
PostSubject: WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019   WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 10, 2019 8:51 am

Next Black Friday Watch Yema Yachtingraph $204 from France.

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 IMG_2400_zpssri4s2iy

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 IMG_2401_zps1shns5se

Later, Gary

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Doggytongue

Remember we are the caretakers of mechanical art.....
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WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Empty
PostSubject: Re: WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019   WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 10, 2019 1:11 pm

Boy oh boy, you are on fire Gary ! WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 933578 Check that out !!! Surprised Very Happy Am not sure have ever seen
this one before either with it's dual register dial, and mega cool colors on the one sir ! Wow,
love that, and how it adds in such a neat later to an already exceptional looking watch G. WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 803574
I mean you already have the terrific case, and phenomenal block-like markers, and hands.
Along with incredible chapter ring, date, and just vintage awesomeness !

Even the case-back is out of this world sir. The entire watch is actually ! Another beautiful
pick-up Gary. BIG congrats 2 U !!!

It's a Ruhla Tuesday here...  Smile

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 Gfk042J

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 9LIYjdl

WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019 NewSigcopy
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WRUW Tuesday 12/10/2019
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