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 WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020

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WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 Empty
PostSubject: WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020   WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2020 7:11 am

Festina Chrono Bike.....

WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 IMG_2707a_zpsyqoxz1ju

Later, Gary

WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 Doggytongue

Remember we are the caretakers of mechanical art.....
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WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 Empty
PostSubject: Re: WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020   WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2020 1:33 pm

What a phenomenal Festina G ! WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 46145 Could stare at that mesmerizing bezel for hours, and hours sir.
Love the 3D effect, and way it teams up with the markers. Just the blue amazes sir ! Beautiful Gary !!! Very Happy

Really hope that you, and your' family are doing alright up there sir, and that everyone is safe, and healthy.
It's probably just as crazy there as it is here. But hope all of you are o.k.

In Zodiac mode with the Speed Dragon today...

WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 7liBZq0

WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 15j0ono

WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020 NewSigcopy
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WRUW Thursday 3/19/2020
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