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 WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020

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PostSubject: WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020   WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2020 9:51 am

Picked up a new Bulova surfboard....I thought these were much too expensive, but a 40% off coupon, $60 in Kolhs bucks and a smaller stackable discount swayed me.......

WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 IMG_2821_zpsmqouyt5h

Later, Gary

WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 Doggytongue

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PostSubject: Re: WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020   WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2020 1:58 pm

Gary, holy cowza, are you seeing this one?!! cheers I swear Bulova has been on such a hot streak in the
last few years. Just seems like no matter what they do, it's the right thing. It could be something new,
and modern, or them paying tribute to a classic like this ! cyclops No matter what, it turns out to be a grand
slam, and ridiculously cool sir. I mean honestly, check out the detail in just the dial ! bounce You have the
remarkable 'Surfboard' sub-dials, but then the coolest markers, and hands. Not to mention 'Miles-km'
ring, and even bezel style. Yowza, look at that ! ..It totally hits the vintage style on the nose, and is
really extraordinary !!!

Such an amazing get, deal evidently, and pic here G ! Surprised A GIANT congratulations there to you sir !!!

Still staying with this Seiko 5 here...

WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 EfZkEqv

WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 QH3Jwgx

WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020 NewSigcopy
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WRUW Wednesday 4/22/2020
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