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 My Nautica

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PostSubject: My Nautica   My Nautica Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 3:30 pm

I still love this watch. I saw something similar in a Nautica magazine ad and loved the look of the white strap. Didn't think anything of it because it was just another cool looking ad.

My Nautica NauticaAd

This is the watch in that ad.
My Nautica N19526G

Pretty cool eh?

Well fast forward several months to May of 2008. My brother was at Walter Reed in DC. I went to visit him for the Memorial Day weekend.

Some pics from the weekend.

I'm wearing my Omega here.
My Nautica Arlington08

My Nautica TombOfTheUnknownSoldier1

My Nautica Capitol08

My Nautica IwoJima1

A friend of his was at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, so we went for the day.

Some pics form Annapolis:

My Nautica Annapolis1

My Nautica StateCapitol

My Nautica GovernorHouse

My Nautica Annapolis2

It was decided that we’d all go see the latest Indian Jones movie. On the way into the mall we had to pass through Macy’s. Guess what I saw beckoning to me from the display? The watch I saw in the ad.

Upon further inspection, it wasn't as nice as I'd thought. So I picked up this mother lovin' goodness instead.
One helluva sexy watch.
My Nautica Nautica1

My Nautica NauticaBuckle1

My Nautica NauticaBuckle2

My Nautica NauticaCase1

My Nautica NauticaCaseBack1

My Nautica NauticaCrownPushers1

My Nautica NauticaCrownPushers2

My Nautica NauticaCrownPushers3

My Nautica NauticaWristShot1

My Nautica NauticaWristShot2
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My Nautica
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