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PostSubject: Re: Watch Writings   Watch Writings Icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 12:05 am

Good stuff !! A real education in that link ! The most complicated wrist watches, minute repeaters, tourbillions, flying tourbillions, not to mention double tourbillions !...I'm a bit dizzy now ! geek Thought those Star Wheel watches were really cool as well, the Millenary by Audemars and those pocket watches again, wow !! Multiple escapements and single power's all very complicated ! We all look around at watches, whether it be online, or in books and magazines, and think we know about watches. It's really only scratching the surface though !! Watch collecting is a vast hobby and thats good because there's all types of people, and all types of watches for them !! Gaia Prizes for all !! lol!
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Watch Writings
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