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 Story of the NATO/G10

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Story of the NATO/G10 Empty
PostSubject: Story of the NATO/G10   Story of the NATO/G10 Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2014 8:29 pm

Have you guys ever wondered how NATO straps, or G10 straps got their name? Or where they
originated from?

Just stumbled upon this interesting little article about them at watch-insider that you might like then.
Evidently NATO straps were made in the early 1970's by Great Britain's Ministry of Defence for soldiers.
With the name coming from the 13 digit stock number used by members of NATO called the NATO Stock
Number or NSN. The soldiers could fill out a form known as the G1098, or G10 for short to get the strap.
So soldiers would actually call the NATO strap the G10.

Here is the link to the article, followed by a short video showing how Tudor creates their NATO/G10 style
fabric straps everyone...

Story of the NATO/G10 NewSigcopy
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Story of the NATO/G10
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