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 Omega and James Bond

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PostSubject: Omega and James Bond   Omega and James Bond Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2015 2:31 pm

You guys know that James Bond used a variety of watches, and watch brands since the beginning.
Everything from Rolex, and Breitling, to Seiko, Hamillton, and TAG Heuer, but for a long time now,
Omega has been James Bond's go to brand. Have you ever wanted to know all of the Omega watches
he has used? Or worn in the movies?

International Watch has all you need to know today then. From Goldeneye, to SPECTRE. From 300m
Seamasters, and Planet Oceans, to Aqua Terras. It's really cool to see.

Have the article right here guys...

Just some of the watches also...

Omega and James Bond Omega-2541.80.00-Omega-2531.80.00

Omega and James Bond Omega-4_700px

Omega and James Bond Omega-7_700px

Omega and James Bond Omega-9_700px

Omega and James Bond Photo-2_700px1

Omega and James Bond NewSigcopy
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Omega and James Bond
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