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 Classic Omega in Dunkirk

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PostSubject: Classic Omega in Dunkirk   Classic Omega in Dunkirk Icon_minitimeMon Jul 31, 2017 3:43 pm

Guys, did you see that there was a classic vintage Omega in Dunkirk?

The CK2129 was one of 2,000 sent to the UK's Ministry of Defense at the beginning
of World War II, and was supposed to be easy to read because of a cream dial, and
large numbers, and hands. It was the most commonly used watch by the RAF, and
even had a locking rotating bezel for timing, and planning of attacks, and bombing

Evidently Omega had delivered over 110,000 watches to Great Britain's Ministry of
Defense, and it's pilots, and soldiers in the Airforce, and Navy. With 50% of all of
Switzerland's watch deliveries to the UK coming from just one company,which was

Besides the CK2129, there was the UK/CK2292 Spitfire with it's new alloy balance
spring, high anti-magnetism, and 30mm caliber precision. Along with CK2444 with
it's improved water resistance, and Broad Arrow markings which eventually would
lead to the legendary Seamaster.

Just a few pictures...

Classic Omega in Dunkirk Watch--768x1067

Classic Omega in Dunkirk The-watches-worn-from-the-trenches-to-Dunkirk1

Classic Omega in Dunkirk Omega-1-768x456

Saw this over at A Timely Perspective...

Classic Omega in Dunkirk NewSigcopy
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Classic Omega in Dunkirk
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