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 Forum Terms of Service (TOS)

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PostSubject: Forum Terms of Service (TOS)   Forum Terms of Service (TOS) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2012 5:01 pm

Welcome to “The Lounge” Watch Forum!

Generally, our Terms of Service (TOS) are common sense and what would be expected. However, we are not operating in “The Wild West” and do have rules that MUST be followed! Please take the time to read the passages below to familiarize yourself with our rules!

Please note: Every member (owner, administrator, moderator or standard member) of this forum must adhere to the following list of rules. These are meant to make “The Lounge” a pleasant place to hang out and enjoy yourself!


The Forum Rules and Guidelines are intended to help foster friendly, respectful and pleasant interaction. Therefore you are required to abide by these rules. Also, please note that individual forums may apply additional specific rules (in sticky threads). If you do not agree with any of the contents thereof, then please do not use these forums.

General Rules:

• We are all adults here, so act that way!

• Members must limit their registration to one account. Multiple accounts will be removed without notice.

• Account IDs must not contain profanity or any other offensive language/terms. In addition, it may not contain a reference to another website (e.g. TheBoss@TLWF).

• Members must be respectful of other members, the administrative team or owner. No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults of any kind will be allowed. Posts which antagonize, belittle or humiliate other members and/or the moderators will not be tolerated, nor will racism, sexism or bigotry.

• Any personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated in any form, suggestion, or manner. It will immediately be moderated and the member warned. We do not allow fighting between members or any threatening words.

• Swearing is not allowed in the open forum. If you feel the need to do so, there are areas of the forum where you can let out some steam!

• Members who have personal issues with other members, moderators or other forums must resolve their differences outside the forum. In addition, aggressive bashing of brands or other sites is not permitted on the open forum.

• We reserve the right to remove any image or text at any time if we feel it is inappropriate or does not follow the site rules. This IS NOT a porn site. Naked pictures, movies or text is not allowed.

• Private messages, along with other private correspondence, are not to be posted on the open forum without the permission of their original authors. If someone is concerned about the content of a PM that they receive, they should report it to the moderators who will consider what action is to be taken.

• No discussions or pictures of replica watches, or links to replica watch sites unless previously approved by a moderator or the site owner. In general, any posts that involves the discussion, encouragement, or solicitation of any kind of illegal activities, whether watch-related or not, is prohibited.

• Topics about religion or politics are not allowed on the forum. Any threads of this type of topic matter will be locked. No religious phrases or comments or images are allowed in profile signatures.

• No posting of links to other watch forums or soliciting members to join other watch forums

Avatar Rules:

• In addition, account avatars must not contain nudity, profanity, swears, racial slurs or any other offensive images.

• The maximum avatar size is 150 by 150

• We reserve the right to remove any Avatar image at any time if we feel it is inappropriate or does not follow the site rules.

Signature Rules:

• Only one image allowed at a time (one banner or one image as per the sizes mentioned above). Do not stack multiple images at one time.

• Links permitted to other watch forums or watch related sites are not permitted. The only exception is for vendors approved by the administrative team.

• Maximum image size in signature should be no larger than 300 pixels high and 468 pixels wide.

• We reserve the right to remove any signature image or text at any time if we feel it is inappropriate or does not follow the site rules.

Private Message Use:

• Absolutely no soliciting or spamming other members through Private Messages will be allowed. If another member sends you Private Message spam please immediately forward this to a site moderator.

• Absolutely no threats of violence or discussions of off line violence are allowed. This will be dealt with seriously and could/can result in a membership being banned or removed.

• Please note: ABSOLUTELY NOBODY can read your personal PMs – Not the forum owner, administrators, moderators or other members. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are full of it!

Please note: These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the forum owner.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact me directly at the forum -

Best regards,
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Forum Terms of Service (TOS)
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