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 10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale

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10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale Empty
PostSubject: 10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale   10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2012 9:53 am

I received this via email this morning...


10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale 6

10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale SmallBusinessSaturday2012_TY_SBSLogo


A couple fun things to pass along in this version of the Bathys Hawaii Ohana Newsletter.....


This Friday Oct 19th is our annual GARAGE SALE. Just like a real garage sale you never know exactly what you'll find. A quick check indicates about a dozen timepieces and several other random goodies will be available. There's even one black PVD 100F Quartz in there...

We want these items gone, so we'll be offering killer pricing. The sale items will go "live" at Noon EST this Friday on our online store so don't miss out.


Titanium, sapphire, and Kevlar: three of the most indestructible materials on Earth.

We love stuff like that.

So we've taken them and mixed them up to create the BENTHIC TI:KELVAR - a twisted version of the Benthic Ti -one with a custom-made genuine Kevlar® strap.

Oh yeah.

The first BENTHIC TI:KELVAR modelswill be available Nov. 1 on the Bathys Hawaii online store. The price is $595. This is a limited production run of 75 watches so nab one while you can.

Fun Kevlar Facts....

Kevlar was discovered in 1964 by a Polish Chemist working at DuPont, Stephanie Kwolek. She followed up on an odd cloudy solution that had been discarded by previous researchers and discovered the field of liquid crystal polymer chemistry. Kelvar remains flexible to below -150F and retains strength even when heated to 320F.

Kelvar is used in applications that range in diversity from strengthening helicopter blades to providing additional armor for the picador's horse during a bullfight.

Did you know that most of the "Kevlar" straps you find on the market are really just nylon dipped in polyurethane? That's why we got into all this...

To find something REAL - we contacted numerous suppliers, (including ones that work for NASA) trying to find the perfect aramid fiber strap. We did find some cool ones, but they'd end up costing you $250+, and we think that's too much.*

Finally after three years we found a sample that used Kevlar K29 and was close to the mark. The photo above is still just a prototype piece, but it shows the killer red stitching and the woven Kevlar K29 material. This is the same Kevlar® used in the making of high-tensile strength belts, fabrics and bulletproof vests. I've now been wearing a test piece for over 4 months and it shows zero signs of degradation despite being in the ocean, in the field, and lately being used when I do MIG welding with sparks and metal spatter flying everywhere. Not even the fraying of the ends I associate with most fabric or nylon-type straps.

Well, I've rambled on here long enough - please check out the garage sale and watch your inbox for more info and photos of the Benthic Ti:Kevlar.

All the best from Kauai,

John Patterson


Bathys Hawaii

* But at least now we understand why it costs $28,000 to send one kilogram into orbit - NASA uses some expensive gear!


10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale Dbfa1951c26bcdee10cdcc4116c74a77-2-1-1-1-1

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10/19 @ NOON EST - Bathy's 2012 Clearance and Garage Sale
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