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 This Hobby Years Ago

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PostSubject: This Hobby Years Ago   This Hobby Years Ago Icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2014 9:22 pm

Do you guys ever think about what this hobby was like years ago? Or how different it must have been?

A lot of times we might take for granted how easy it is to enjoy the hobby today with help from the internet,
all of the various blogs, forums, and the like. Seems like we are always in touch, or connected to what is
going on in the watch world. However, years ago it had to be so different. ..Am talking 40-60 years ago at

Imagine how hard it must have been to find out was going on in the industry, or what was new, or on the 
horizon with the different watch companies. Did people just wait for the watch magazines (if there were any 
at the time) to say what was happening?

Did they maybe rely more on family, or friends who liked watches for info? Or even local watch shops, or 
jewelry stores?

Would people have known as much about the smaller, off the beaten path watch brands, as they knew 
about the larger well known brands?

Were there various watch shows for people to go to maybe?

So what do have to say? ..Ever think about how this hobby was years ago? Is it better now do you think?
Or was it maybe more fun, and more simple years back?

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This Hobby Years Ago
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