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 History of the TAG Heuer Monaco

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PostSubject: History of the TAG Heuer Monaco   Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:02 pm

Just seeing this awesome article about the TAG Heuer Monaco, and it's history.

In it you find out just how long Heuer's connection to racing, and race cars goes back. With the first board
watches for vehicles, and race cars. Not to mention, pocket chronographs, and stop watches.

You also learn how the idea of the square case of the Monaco came about, and the people that were behind
it. You're also going to see just how Steve McQueen helped the watch become even more popular. Plus see
all of the different versions of the watch that would be made throughout the years all the way to today.

Hope you guys enjoy...


Some pictures for you also...

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History of the TAG Heuer Monaco
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