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 Wakmann watches history

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PostSubject: Wakmann watches history   Wakmann watches history Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2015 3:52 pm

Saw this great article on Wakmann watches, and thought you might enjoy it everybody. Maybe you have heard
of the company, or even seen some of their watches over the years. They got their start in New York back in 1946
manufacturing, and also importing watches. They supplied watches to the Armed Forces, U.S. Government, various
commercial airlines, television, and radio studios. The company even was a partner with Breitling, before actually
being bought by them.

Here are just a couple of the brands eye-catching watches guys, the Wakmann Triple Date with Valjoux 72c, and
Wakmann Regate with Lamania 1341 inside.

Wakmann watches history Wakmann-triple-cal.jpg?zoom=1

Wakmann watches history Wakmann-Regate-watchestobuy.jpg?zoom=1

The article too everyone...

Wakmann watches history NewSigcopy
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Wakmann watches history
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